Meet the P2P Team

Paula Berardinelli

Photo of Paula Berardinelli

Paula Berardinelli (Ed.D) is an edupreneur, facilitator, author, and researcher. Her work focuses on creating tools to track and measure change initiatives. This often involves getting people to talk out loud, and to each other, about the problems they are trying to solve and crafting requirements for product development. An experienced leader and consultant, Paula is noted for her practical approaches to creating solutions that impact business needs. She has 30 years experience within higher education, healthcare, and high tech industries.

Prior to co-founding P2P, Paula has been an independent consultant with many Fortune 100 companies.  In addition, she was on the faculty at NC State University in both Adult Education and Health Education. Paula also worked at Futures Inc. as the Director of Career Sciences. She was involved with the Virtual Learning Community (VLC) for the NC Community College System and was a co-founder of Charles & Colvard (CTHR).

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Sylvia Saenger

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Sylvia Saenger is a technology lover, programmer, educator, and visionary with 30 years of experience.  She is passionate about finding innovative ways of using technology to support learning and change initiatives.  Sylvia is known for helping people break down complex problems by creating hands-on representations, allowing clients to interact with the problem, thereby gaining valuable insights.

Prior to co-founding P2P, Sylvia organized the founding team and was the Head of School for Follow the Child Montessori School.  During her 10-year tenure, she doubled student enrollment, grew the staff three-fold and lead many professional development activities. Sylvia also integrated technology into all aspects of the school.  Under her watch the budget grew to $1.2 million without debt.

Sylvia’s technical expertise was gained in her years at IBM.  She was a software developer with experience in product quality assurance and testing. In addition she taught technical classes at the IBM Corporate Technical Education Center.  Sylvia is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Purdue University with a BS triple major in mathematics, computer science, and statistics.

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Dan Heyl

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Bio not currently available, sorry.

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