You Learn Too With Real Time Metrics!

The Take On Reality Dashboards

  • Standout and build new opportunities
  • Increase your use of technology
  • Keep a pulse on your client’s needs
  • Watch trends and take new action.
  • Improve your effectiveness with previously uncaptured data

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Gain insight and boost revenue

  • Build new opportunities with your existing clients
  • Help your clients keep you “top-of-mind”
  • Offer custom-tailored tracking tools
  • Stand out from your competition

Increase your use of technology

  • Use dashboards to monitor results
  • Keep your content Fresh
  • Engage your clients through on-line tools
  • Be more savvy and in-tune with your client

Keep a Pulse on Your Client’s Needs

  • view real-time data
  • see adoption and penetration rates
  • observe learning metrics updated continuously
  • watch live responses to queries

Be Client Responsive

  • Watch for trends on your schedule
  • Respond to the emerging needs of your client
  • Uncover client vulnerabilities and build future opportunity
  • Adapt your content and close the skills gap

Unearth Nuggets of Impact

  • Watch the learner respond to your teachings
  • Measure accountability for you and your client
  • Show your effectiveness through customized reports
  • Know where your training closes the skills gap

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